Video Production

Over the last 5 years, the cost of video production has dropped dramatically, as equipment & processing software has become more ready available and prices have come down accordingly.

Equestrian companies need to wise up and see how they can use video, with many opportunities such as:

Engaging viewers more effectively that a traditional webpage

Demonstrating a product or service more effectively than a webpage
Build trust and credibility
Presenting customer testimonials
Providing frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Videos can also be used to reach potential customers, by placing them on other video sharing channels (there are now over 300 video sharing channels!) including YouTube, Google Video, and yahoo video.

Videos should be optimised for the businesses key words/phrases, so that search engines identify and include them in the searches undertaken.

Have you noticed when using Google search engine, that more thumbnails are appearing alongside the organic results. Your video can have 53 times more chance of appear on Page 1 Google, than the equivalent web page. Not to be ignored!
B So whether you have a business in the horse sector or else where, please make time to decide to feature at least one video on your website. Get ahead of your competition and start getting involved in the wonderful world of video. It will pay handsomely!

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