Video Marketing

Online video marketing is the use of video to promote a company on the internet. This can include build a company's brand, to engaging potential customers,resulting in improved conversion rates and improving search engine optimization.

When most of us, by nature are lazy, the use of video is a quick and easy way to engage a potential client or customer.

Showing the benefits of your product or service on video, will be much more powerful than text on a page, or even some excellent images. Video has the power to engage people and lead then to respond more effectively to a 'call to action'

You Tube allows you to have your own personal or company TV channel, and hosts videos for free. The embedded code can be placed on a suitable page of your website, for your website visitors to view.

You can use online videos to present 'video testimonials', which will be much more convincing than the traditional 'text' testimonies, that for most people have little or no credence. See an example of video testimonials

You can create 'how to' videos associated with problems that your product/service solves, and post them on You Tube. Web video marketing offers a wide range of opportunities.

We can review the best means of promoting your goods & services & advise you on the most effective means. We can undertake production of your video testimonials & 'how to' videos.

5 Ways to use You Tube to grow your Business

1. Content is King. Create quality content, and where possible with it meeting a need.

2.Balance quality with situation and need. With the quality of video cameras available today, it is possible for you to create your own video. But bear in mind what you are filming and what it is associated with. if your product or service is expensive, then your video should match this. generally speaking, If you are selling to the public, the video should be of good quality.

3. Make sure that the video asks the viewer for a response. Having engaged them in your 'story' offer other videos to view, or direct hem to your website with a specific special offer.

4. Choose your title carefully. You tube & other search engines pay the most attention to the words in the title, so your title should include you most important keywords. You tube allows you up to 100 characters( including spaces), so use these to the maximum. When writing the description, also include your keywords, and remember that you have 1000 characters to use.

5.When choosing your keywords, try using You tubes 'search' and check out other videos that appear for the search term. You are looking for videos that have relatively high search volumes.


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