Colorful Drawings of Cats By Rita Ann Powell-Sestar

Colorful Drawings of Cats By Rita Ann Powell-Sestar I work from your photographs to create each commissioned cat portrait. They are done in oil pastels which offer vivid colors and extreme longevity and color pencil to define details such as the eyes, nose and fur highlights to add finer line interest. I draw them on heavy archival-quality paper.

The size of the drawing is about a 6-inch to 7-inch square. The portrait looks good this size, and with a well-proportioned mat, the overall size is approximately a 13-inch square. The matted drawing is ready for a custom square-format frame. If you have a special request for size or subject just ask.

phone/fax: 260-693-9801 | rita@funcatportraits.com

The frames are hand painted in a marbleized texture with colors that compliment each cat portrait. I use a simple wood frame that lets the artwork do most of the talking. The color of the mat provided with each portrait is neutral. The size of the frame is determined by the size of the drawing with the mat. A well-proportioned museum-style mat is my favorite. Its the way I learned to do things in art school and working in art museums. This style mat gives the artwork

breathing space and the measurement on the bottom side is always heavier to be visually correct. The combination of the colorful drawing, neutral-color mat and hand-painted frame looks good in any setting.

Here & on the following pages are some examples of my cat portraits along with the photographs I used to draw from to compare the likeness. enough to capture the likeness of your cat. Lots of color and a slightly bold line technique add a fun twist. They are done in oil pastels and color pencil for finer details. I work from your favorite photographs to create each portrait.When I read Charles Shultzs Peanuts cartoon about the time that Charlie Brown decided to dedicate his life to his dog, Snoopy, I thought, ok, well thats like me. My own cats are a big part of life. I hope the love I have for these precious beings shows in my drawings.

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